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yoni pearls for women
yoni pearls are a blend of herbs in a spherical, clothed sac. the herbs breaks down toxins inside of the vagina, which is expelled from the vagina.inside the pearl are blend of all natural herbs which stimulates the healing process.
such as
-tubal blockage/adhension
-bacteria vaginosis
-irregular/absent cycles
-vaginal odor
-yeast infections
-hormonal imbalance
-uterine fibroid
- uti
-staph/candidiasis etc..

veegel for the treatment of loose vagina, itches and dryness
veeyoni tightening gel is an anti - inflammation, eliminate dryness, detoxification, shrink vagina, stop itches, moisturizing.
this product is used for pathogenic bacteria in the vagina, odor-eliminating makes you squirt and gives you multiple orgasm.

yoni v-steam for the treatment of irregular menstrual cycle and vagina odor
product description
this fertility herbs softens the womb. aids in regulating cycle, providing relaxation, removing odor, as well as providing vaginal moisture
healing scar tissue and cervical prolypse and more
fertility enhancement

yoni herbs for men:
treatment for weak erection and quick ejaculation
this herbal roots is traditionally used to enhance sexual urge. it is a nervous exaltation therapy, restores male
vigour & masculine functions, improves sexual drive, treats premature ejaculation, weak erection, impotence and sterility.
- last longer
-gives you a safe and healthy sex life
-effective and easy to use in about 20-25 minutes
-great sensual sensation for you and your partner- this herbal roots is effective for the delay of ejaculation, it prolongs the pleasure of love making. it improves your sensual performance in bed and satisfy your lady, giving her multiple orgasms.

yoni sperm booster herbs for men
this is a very powerful herbs for men who are suffering from general stds, infertility caused by low sperm count, sluggish sperm, sperm motility and morphology
wonder herbs, for the permanent cure for gonorrhea, staph, syphilis, uti, varicocele.
fertility enhancement

for more information and testimony kindly visit my website and pages.
email: veeyonidetox@gmail.com
ig: @veeyoni
fb: veeyoni fertility herbs
whatsapp: +2349074326670
website: www.veeyoni.com


yoni pearls wholesale  in abuja +2349074326670 www.veeyoni.com anantnag image 1
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